Experience an Intentional Transformation in your life and career to a unique place of purpose and power

Transform your life and career to a unique place of purpose and power

I coach with intuitive questioning, a Self-Discovery Evolution process and a unique profile questionnaire to help uncover who you truly are and then set the stage for a successful transformation.

I’m Lisa Andria, Transformation Life Coach.

I am a Certified Life Coach that has transformed my life, and can help you do the same.

Being happy and successful means you are doing what you love and understand your unique purpose in life. With my help you can learn more about your inner self, create a positive mindset, and make clear and confident decisions about your career and life choices.

I take mostly women, in all different phases of their life, to this place of power because they are making the right decisions on where to go. You could be looking for a new career, job, contemplating or just starting retirement. Maybe you just got divorced and need to start a new chapter in your life. I provide the guidance and support to make sure the decisions you make are in alignment with your heart and uniquely strong qualities.

“Confidence comes from knowing that nothing you do will ruin everything. But doing nothing will ruin your confidence.”

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Lisa’s Coaching process is “Self-Discovery Evolution”


It is to become more aware of who you are, what you want, and what is holding you back from living your best life, both personally and professionally. This is done through reflection, discussion, journaling, meditation, intuitive questions about your dream life and taking the Ontological Being Profile® Questionnaire with a full debrief and review.


Once you have a better understanding of yourself, the areas for focus, your goals, your dreams, and the Being Profile® aspects, the next step is to decide what steps need to be taken first.  It can involve a change in mindset, an exploration of a new career or job, or even an exploration of why certain areas are an issue. I am here to help you figure out what is the best approach to reach your goals and improve your effectiveness and confidence. 


Once we understand and accept ourselves, we can start to love ourselves. This means treating ourselves with compassion and kindness, and valuing ourselves for who we are.


Once we love ourselves, we can start to express ourselves authentically. This means sharing our true selves with the world, without fear of judgment or rejection.


The final step is to self-actualize, or to become the best version of ourselves. This involves living in accordance with our values and beliefs, and powerfully pursuing our passions.

What is a Personal Manifestation Statement?

  • It is a 5-7 minute audio recording that opens by putting you in an “open minded” meditative state so you can accept the positive words and statements.

  • It includes a review of your inner-most dreams for your life, career, family, relationships and surroundings to be used to manifest to reality. The information I gather from our sessions allows me to personalize this manifestation of your future dreams.

  • I provide a written copy also so you can post anywhere in your home to continue the affirmations to the life you want and deserve. I have been told this Personal Manifestation is worth its weight in gold!