Hello! I’m Lisa Andria, a dynamic force driven by curiosity and dedicated to empowering others.

With a natural talent for listening and compassionate intuition, I find great fulfillment in guiding individuals toward their goals.

Join me on this journey where we turn your dreams into our reality.

I retired in Dec 2022, after 41+ years working in Telecom data network sales managing large business accounts thru building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with my customers. I partnered with companies such as Sprint, NBC, Experian, SpaceX, COMCAST, and many others.

My passions include writing, singing rock and roll, watching fun TV shows and movies, public speaking, talking politics, always learning and a desire, at a young age, to be Barbara Walters (RIP). Mix in a love of the ocean and a self-confessed Foodie and you now know Lisa Andria.

Let's take a transformation journey together!

Starting in October 2018, I had no choice but to go through my own transformation path to understand how to be confident, happy, and work with less stress and chaos. Stress can manifest into so many health issues and my reckoning came when my dentist was alarmed by my blood pressure and behavior. He could tell I was hurting myself with the intense stress that the job was causing and told me “You need to find another job!”.

Shortly after that visit, I quit my job and took off work for 6 months. In self-reflection, my life value of helping others became a full awareness so I wanted to figure out how to do that as a career. I found a Certified Life Coach program and, after completion, started my work as a Certified Life Coach in February 2019. I was working with clients but needed to go back to full time work in Telecom in April 2019 because I wasn’t yet at the 59 ½ magic age to retire.

However, this time, I consciously took a downgrade to a support role and found that it was a perfect fit until my full retirement on December 16, 2022. Now, I am able to focus on helping others achieve their life goals on a full-time basis. And this new life is so much more rewarding. Retirement doesn’t mean that I want to sit back and relax. To the contrary, I am excited to follow my purpose and values. And my clients are reaping the benefits of that decision.

Come join those of us that are the Ladies Who Leap because we are confident, successful, powerful, and live our unique purpose everyday!